I am a diamond. And just like a diamond which has many facets, so do I.This is a place where I can share my dreams, my past, my journey, and my written work, in hopes to inspire other diamonds to rise and shine. The world is becoming very dark, and we must be the light in dark places.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved your about statement! Especially, the last line – we must be the light in the dark places! I’ve fallen in love with your writing and style after only about 3 reads! Your words just make my heart hum! (a sign of joy).

    Thanks so much for digging up my “The Lover Of The Light”! I always appreciate when my older words have someone come love on them! Curious how you found this?

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      • Well, I am so blessed that you stumbled across it and that it led me to your blog (meant to be)! I love reading your words! You have a gifted way with words and thoughts! I’m so happy you are following my blog!! I always love making new friends! I hope that you will continue to find my words worthy of your precious time!

        If you ever “Get the hankerin”, that’s Texas talk for an interest, to collaborate I would be very honored to give that a go! I would be happy to provide samples of some collaborations if you get curious!


      • I have never done that, just been piddling (that’s Southern talk for us in Tennessee) the last two years to step out in faith that I can actually write something worth reading. I will have to consider it. Thank you!!


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