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Watching words

Going back and forth

Each opponent believing they are right

Slurs and slanders to gain a point

And here I am


With my popcorn in hand

This new form of entertainment

I should be ashamed


The facts

The ludricrous

The commen sense remade

Pondering this motivation

These words

Being so over used

Jabs, and insults building

Dry souls

Thirsty for truth, insane

Lay down the kerosene

All that’s missing

Is a Match

Lonely Valentine

Artist Unkown

Another Valentines Eve

Alone, and no one to call my own

Holding back emotions

Threatening to take

My joy, my hope

But then I recall, amidst my tears

No promise from above

Ever went unanswered

Our hearts longing

Is not in vain

We just need to have

Our thoughts align

Love is not some

Fast Food pipe dream

But a choice, and a gift

If we are brave enough to let it in


Photographer Unknown
Every day
She would reflect upon her life
Of what others thought
Matters, that only caused strife

And decided for herself
There were only a few 
Memories, she hoped would remain
To set her apart from what they knew

Humor, grace, and wit
Along with her vices
However, do not let them only say
She, was just "Nice"

My Valentine


My Dear Valentine,

We have yet to meet face to face

But I feel you every day

Regardless of time and space

I adore you

And long for your sweet embrace


I wonder where you are

Are you close?

Or are you far

My hope is, you will seek my love

Like searching for a star


Who are you?

And what is it that you do?

For fun

for folly

Or earning a coin or two


For here I am

Waiting patiently

To be a better me

Praying for you

Until, we finally meet


Each day my love grows

As I have seen you in my dreams

Only a glimpse

My joy bursting at the seams

So I smile and ponder


That in all the world

You are my gift, and I yours

Us waiting for our love story to be writ

Don’t lose hope

And remember the pearl


Just trust the process

Of our love’s sweet bliss

Divine time, has been set

Same, for our first kiss

Just know, my gaze is steadfast


I’m not fickle

Like soo many others

I’ve been hurt, and scarred

Yet, I still stand

Open hearted


Knowing that you are there

Waiting, just like me

Wanting the healing touch

Of when our Souls first meet

Iron sharpens Iron


Or so they say

Let me bare all

and be truthful today

I hide nothing from you

I’ve let my fears fade away


It will be known

When we are made one

That I declared my love for you

To you My Valentine

And you alone
















No Regrets

No regrets

Photographer Unknown

The evening started

With dinner

Your company

And wine

Yet we were not ready

to end

Our conversation

Or the comraderie

Another bottle of wine

A dance and kiss

And I was lost

In this sweet bliss

We soon found the bed

And each other

Your kisses were like

Fire and healing, I had yet to discover

Masks gone

Our passions set free

Twas the most

Delightful memory

Yet you said “the best is yet to come”

For neither of us

were ready

to sleep

You took my hand

And grabbed a blanket

Your arms and the stars

Were all I needed

As I laid my head on your shoulder

A smile came to my lips

I have no regrets

And we watched, the sun rise

And I just breathed you in

Knight in Shining Armor


Photographer Unknown

There was no fanfare

at his arrival

No page, to annouce who he was

Only that his presence was felt

When he showed up


In the past

He was the one who stayed

When everyone else left

His soothing voice

Giving her strength


In time

His arms

Became home

And a safe place

To weather any storm


He had the uncanny

Ability to make her laugh

When she wanted to cry

Yet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Even she didn’t see at first


That he saw her truly

And loved her anyway

Fact, his metal was rare

That above all other men

He was her knight, in shining armor



Artist Unknown

they say becoming

is easy

but its not

truth be told


it begins with

a trigger of non importance

but significant

all the same


it brings pain



and truth


most of which we do not want

to see

or feel

lest it stays


but that which is no more

must be let go

for the new

demands to manifest







A promise

that our souls know

and the heart

seeks above all


for to remain

brings certain

death, therefore

let me be reborn





When is it okay to be Me?


Photographer Unknown

Watching every word

Every action

Lest I make a mistake

Or be in the wrong

Some prisons

Are not made of bars

Or stone

The jailer, has long since been gone

In his place

Is a ghost, a whisper

of a past shame

Of an imaginary offense

The enforcer

Though absent he be

A “mindset”

Still remains

Yet there is hope

And a key

When we answer ourselves

When is it okay to be me?

Future Paths





Photographer Unknown

We know not

The correct path we should take

Nor, the obstacles

That get in our way


Many of us are blind

Until, a suddenly happens

The fog dissappears

And we see a ray of light


Never lingering long

Just a whisper of

An ancient ryhyme

Coming down from above


The tune is sweet

May we hear it

This is the way

Walk ye in it


Oh, but beware

Like the coin

With two sides

The other option can be filled with lies


May our souls remember

What our eyes have forgotten

That we be not ensnared

And are dreams not hearken





A Lovers Touch

Photographer Unknown

Heart racing, breath quickened

How long, had she been touched

By a man, who wrote poetry

On her body


No space, did he overlook

She was like

A blank page

Awaiting his pen


To Write

In Words

Only what his tongue

Could Express


That she was the fire

That fed his only need

All the while

Her senses trembled in anticipation

To the story

Only he could write

Deeply within

Her secrets spilled out


Like wine upon his lips

The sweetest surrender

To a battle she lost

Before he even began