My Valentine


My Dear Valentine,

We have yet to meet face to face

But I feel you every day

Regardless of time and space

I adore you

And long for your sweet embrace


I wonder where you are

Are you close?

Or are you far

My hope is, you will seek my love

Like searching for a star


Who are you?

And what is it that you do?

For fun

for folly

Or earning a coin or two


For here I am

Waiting patiently

To be a better me

Praying for you

Until, we finally meet


Each day my love grows

As I have seen you in my dreams

Only a glimpse

My joy bursting at the seams

So I smile and ponder


That in all the world

You are my gift, and I yours

Us waiting for our love story to be writ

Don’t lose hope

And remember the pearl


Just trust the process

Of our love’s sweet bliss

Divine time, has been set

Same, for our first kiss

Just know, my gaze is steadfast


I’m not fickle

Like soo many others

I’ve been hurt, and scarred

Yet, I still stand

Open hearted


Knowing that you are there

Waiting, just like me

Wanting the healing touch

Of when our Souls first meet

Iron sharpens Iron


Or so they say

Let me bare all

and be truthful today

I hide nothing from you

I’ve let my fears fade away


It will be known

When we are made one

That I declared my love for you

To you My Valentine

And you alone
















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