A Time, And a Place


Artist Unknown

It never fails

That my mind wanders

To a time and place

I have yet to be

Or to a person

I have yet to meet


But these journeys to you

Though fleeting and brief

Bring me comfort

In times of doubt

And in the waiting

Though lengthy


That there is a plan

A time

And a place

Where you and I

Shall meet

Face to face


And there

We will forget

Our troubles

and our woes

For anything worth having

Requires time


So do not tarry

For long, my love

For I am ready

To share my life

And my love


With you!

7 thoughts on “A Time, And a Place

    • Thank you soo much!! Your compliments are much appreciated, since my poet side, has not been able create anything new lately, but I have some time coming up, where I have committed myself, to just write, dream, and enjoy the process of the words that pour out of my soul. 🙂


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