May Wishes, April Rains


Picture by: Maximiliano Ignacio Pinilla Alvarado


You know the old Tale

Of what April showers bring

From what was once

A blank canvas

A myriad of colors

Now spring up


The earth drank her fill

Yet she thirsts for more

As she wakens and rises up

Rising and reaching out

Every blade of green

And petals in every color


The invitation is ancient

As creation itself

And not one

Of natures beauties

Dare miss the event

To display their array


For eyes to see

Perhaps even

A new song to hear

Growing as if by magic

By each precious drop

Doth glisten as a wish and a promise


A wish more comforting

Than a star could ask

For they return

Year after year

In a triumphant display

To declare, life still reigns

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