be the light


chaos surrounds you

Evil is now good, while good is evil

and puppets have learned how

to weaponize victims pain

use it to tell a tale

though none of it is true

to them, just a game


while the pure at heart cry

for justice

will it come?

who it at the watch?

to protect those

who cannot


it takes a lifetime to build a reputation

a series of choices

amongst the paths laid out before you

moral, or not, they define

who we all choose to be

but beware, one lie, can destroy it all


the telling of truth

has now become a liars game

hell bent on confusing


seek wisdom

while she can still be found


tune out the voices

that don’t ring true

search your heart, not your emotions

stand on foundations strong

bend, but do not break

and above all, be the light


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