Cleansing Rains


It doesn’t matter

What came first

the mistake

or the shame


She hated

the involuntary response

of her thinking



There were good days

and bad

Moments of bliss

and then, the lie


But thankfully

She was stronger now

than her past

as opposed to the yesterdays


For now, she knew

Trials would take place

But so did

the cleansing rains


the girl I haven’t met — The Lonely Author

This little thing is dedicated to my future girlfriend….. . the girl I haven’t met . Tonight I fantasized about the girl I haven’t met As my personal muse she’ll be an inspiring poet Writing the softest verses as silky as her hosiery She will wear elegant metaphors like fine jewelry Gondolas transport love poems […]

via the girl I haven’t met — The Lonely Author

A love affair with the Morning


Artist Unknown

Another day

Another chance

To rise to the occasion

To start anew

Gone is yesterday

And the mistakes it entailed

While the brew of the dawn

Incites my senses

And stirs my passions

Greets me with its warmth

So it should be no mystery why

I have a love affair with the morning



Artist Unknown

She wanted to believe in fairytales

That love truly exists

Yet, here she was

In an unfamiliar place


Where was the hero?

Or the godmother?

Even a kindly sprite

To see her pain


A kind word

Perhaps a magic spell

The briefest of hopes

Of a warm embrace


Tired of pretending

She was always strong

Exhausted from the journey

As tears rolled down her face


She was worthy, Was she not?

Why then was she the one wounded

While her advisary

Stood and mocked


She vowed to remain

Kind and good

Because she knew

What it was liked, to be overlooked



In this Kiss


Photographer Unknown

in her thoughts

he played with her mind

as she recalled that moment

a thousand times


the rain

his smell

his warmth

his kiss


she melted instantly

into his body

barely a space between

and she blushes, at the recollection


so much longing

and hunger

could exist in a moment

that she surrenders all


the fire builds

from the faintest of sparks

everything she wanted is

in this kiss


be the light


chaos surrounds you

Evil is now good, while good is evil

and puppets have learned how

to weaponize victims pain

use it to tell a tale

though none of it is true

to them, just a game


while the pure at heart cry

for justice

will it come?

who it at the watch?

to protect those

who cannot


it takes a lifetime to build a reputation

a series of choices

amongst the paths laid out before you

moral, or not, they define

who we all choose to be

but beware, one lie, can destroy it all


the telling of truth

has now become a liars game

hell bent on confusing


seek wisdom

while she can still be found


tune out the voices

that don’t ring true

search your heart, not your emotions

stand on foundations strong

bend, but do not break

and above all, be the light


A Time, And a Place


Artist Unknown

It never fails

That my mind wanders

To a time and place

I have yet to be

Or to a person

I have yet to meet


But these journeys to you

Though fleeting and brief

Bring me comfort

In times of doubt

And in the waiting

Though lengthy


That there is a plan

A time

And a place

Where you and I

Shall meet

Face to face


And there

We will forget

Our troubles

and our woes

For anything worth having

Requires time


So do not tarry

For long, my love

For I am ready

To share my life

And my love


With you!

May Wishes, April Rains


Picture by: Maximiliano Ignacio Pinilla Alvarado


You know the old Tale

Of what April showers bring

From what was once

A blank canvas

A myriad of colors

Now spring up


The earth drank her fill

Yet she thirsts for more

As she wakens and rises up

Rising and reaching out

Every blade of green

And petals in every color


The invitation is ancient

As creation itself

And not one

Of natures beauties

Dare miss the event

To display their array


For eyes to see

Perhaps even

A new song to hear

Growing as if by magic

By each precious drop

Doth glisten as a wish and a promise


A wish more comforting

Than a star could ask

For they return

Year after year

In a triumphant display

To declare, life still reigns

One of Your Blessings

Old Couple by the Sea

Artist Unknown

When the day draws nigh,

and your tired from the days woes

Come sit with me a while,

and let me ease your aches

As best I can,

For only heaven knows


When troubles come,

and answers tarry

When money is not enough,

to answer every task

Let not your heart stumble,

or your trust in me be wary


Allow me to share your life,

whether old or young we be,

And not just the good or bad,

but all that lies between

So that when you think upon your blessings,

That you may always count me as ONE






Daydreaming is Mandatory



In a space, a moment, or a circumstance

Try though me might

To keep our focus intent

On the task at hand, we fail


Whether boredom, or the dullness of life

Our minds stray upon the musings

Of our hearts, and our minds

Even for a brief respite


We ask the question, “What if’?

Attempts at logical debate are futile

Amidst the galaxy of possibilities

And storylines beyond our comprehension


For an enchanted moment

We dream in our waking hours

And allow ourselves to hope

A promise to not settle


For either where we were

Or where we are now

That spark has encouraged us forward

And requires us to fan the flames


For we are not just mere creatures

Of steel, and stone, NAY!

But of love, creativity, and light

Therefore, Daydreaming is Mandatory


Don’t you agree?