Diamond in the Making


Do you ever wonder if you were made to sparkle? If there was more to your life, than you currently knew existed? Or does the question, “what if”? ever cross your mind? Then you just may be a diamond in the making.

“To be, or not to be: that is the question:”
William Shakespeare

I read this line from Shakespeare, and  it gives me pause to ponder my life. It is now, in this time, that my dreams  are reignited, I long to conquer my fears, and  begin a journey I know I must take to complete my transformation. For too long have I been in hiding, comfortable to be hidden in the shadows. For, in that place, it has been a refuge and a comfort. In the ground, I can not fail anyone, I don’t have to be brave, and I don’t have to take any steps of faith.

But, I realize, I no longer belong there, and I long to see the sun. We, every one of us, only shines brightest, when we share our light with others. These are our gifts. I myself would not say that the process has been without it’s own pains and struggles. Yes, even I have thrown my own tantrums in full protest, to no avail. Oh, but the reward!

Thankfully, my Creator, knows me better than I know myself. My dreams, are far bigger, than I could imagine. There are stories within me, longing to be told. New literary characters for me to fall in love with. And a longtime knowing, that I love words, appreciate them, far more than most.

You can’t write, and not love words. Just like you can’t travel out of your own country, and not love the adventure. In truth, I am not quite sure just what I am truly made of, but I know I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Now, is the time to find some courage within me, to begin, before what if, becomes my regret.

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