Summer heat and long Days


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Well, we are now into the first week of Summer here in the South, and I can tell you, most of us are ready for Fall. With temperatures in the mid 90’s and heat indexes above 100, it has become too hot, too soon. So everyone has their AC on, drinking lots of water, and visiting their favorite places to cool off. This may include their favorite ice cream restaurants, any friend or relatives swimming pool, or just staying inside at home devising a plan to move north until Summer is over.

I know, we complain, but most of the US is feeling the heat too, and let’s be honest, you can only take so many clothes off, and still be considered decent and proper. Again, here we go with more unusual weather, which is becoming a norm. Of course, 4th of July is fast approaching, and children, for the first time, will see their very first firework. While the other children of all ages, will ooh and ah at those wonderfully colored flashes of light, and let us not forget, the big productions will be set to patriotic music.

Until then, I will be counting down the days to my favorite season in Tennessee, Fall. Which stands for Football, Fun, and good Food. And one of the prettiest seasons we have. I need to start taking my own pictures, when I share these little updates. I take for granted how beautiful my town, my city, and my state are. Especially, since I long to move to either England or Scotland. It is sad, how we forget what is in our on backyards (aka cities), until you prepare yourself to make a geographical change.

Nonetheless, if you are in the United States, I hope your 4th of July festivities go off with out a hitch, and your Bar B Que, absolutely delicious. For everyone else, I hope your Summer, is going much more comfortable than ours. Keep shining, keep writing, and don’t forget to live a little. Life is just a lot more fun that way. Don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “Summer heat and long Days

  1. With around 6 weeks to Spring I am looking forward to some sun. I am not looking forward to the extreme heat we get in summer just some nice spring weather to bring the roses out in bloom.


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