Tales of Courage and Hope


Tales of Victoria

Part 1

With a loud thud, the door behind her slammed shut, and she knew, it would never open again. And yet, there she stood unaware of where she was, or where she was going, just staring at it. Was she hoping it would move? No, the past was the past, and she had experienced enough pain and disappointment. Truly, that was a door she did not want to go back through again. It took having her heart broken by him, this one last time, for her to finally say, she was done.

So, she slowly turned around, and saw the longest hallway she had ever seen. Nothing familiar, no window to be seen. She rushed to the first door she saw, and tried to open it, but it to, was closed shut. So she ran to every door, 20 to 50 feet down the hallway, and came away with the same result. Panic and fear began to creep in to her mind, her heart racing, like some wild animal being hunted, and yet, she was still a boiling pot of emotions from the past.

Standing near the wall to the right, she crumpled down to her knees, and began to cry out. Her sorrows and pain fell with every tear drop, anger not too far behind. Why was she not good enough? Why didn’t he love her? Did she do anything right? On, and on the onslaught continued in her mind. Too many questions, and not enough answers. The thought of dying seemed better, than the pain she felt. If God was so good, why had He let this happen? What wrong had she done to deserve this?

She continued to cry, all curled up in a tight ball, lying there on the floor. All fight and will to do anything was absent. So there she stayed, her body rising and falling with each sobbing breath, until finally, exhausted sleep came. It is in those moments, that being numb is always more preferable than the pain.

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