Artist Unknown

There my life was displayed

Yet not so clear at the time

But so illuminated

By a moments folly at a ball, oh dear!

Not one, but two

Of the facets of my personality

Dared to escape

At the same time!

Oh my!!

Now everyone will see that I’m odd!

That I don’t fit in!

What shall I do, I cried?

The one facet with light aplenty exclaimed!

Better to be honest with yourself

And also with others

For this is how those like you, find you.

The other, slightly smudged, but smirking none the less declared.

In the end, does it really matter?

Why hide, when you can flaunt who you are?

Life is certain to never be dull.

And there I was

Anxious and scared

But no sooner was I ready to run

When another, somewhat like me

Caught my eye

Laughing he was!

A twinkle in his eye

While sighing a sigh

Of relief!

Thank goodness your here!

And you’ve uncaged yourself too!

How wonderful my darling

For you see

We are so very rare!

And with a regal bow

He extended his hand to me, and asked

Shall I introduce you to the others?

There are others? I asked

Yes my darling!

And now that you have arrived

The merriment will be so much livelier

For you see, my dear

We are all uncaged here

This is where we celebrate our differences

No mask is required

No worry to be who you are

Just put one foot in front of the other

And smile!

My flight response

Was put to ease

And so with as much gusto as I dared!

Yes Sir, I would like to meet the others!


And so a moments folly

Showed her the way

Best to be one’s self

Than a copy, of one who is caged.

4 thoughts on “Uncaged

  1. Always be yourself ! It doesn’t matter what others think of you, be yourself. And who knows what is just around the corner. Being happy with oneself is always the way to go. Let the real you come out. I see her already.

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