Ode to a New Year


Once upon a time

I held on to my past

Now, I let the pain, and the bad go

And keep the lessons and the good with me

In the present.


It does not serve me or others

Nor does it have place in my future


Yet, I reorganize my thoughts

My emotions

My goals

Vigorously refocusing  on

My dreams and my heart


And that has become, my haven


Chaos and a confused world

May try to make me doubt

But the truth remains

I am alive!

I have worth!

Beauty still exists in the world

And hope still thrives


It gives one much to be thankful for


Now I begin a new chapter

Blank, for now though it may be

Soon adventures

And discoveries

New beginnings

Like an old Sage’s story

Will fill its pages


But what story will it tell?


Will you, my love?

Find me this year

and walk with me?

There is so much to see

And beside you

Taking it all in

Is where I want to be.




8 thoughts on “Ode to a New Year

  1. We all must leave the past behind and start anew. The past is a learning tool ,mistakes will always happen but to learn and face a new year with the eyes of adventure and wonder.. What will happen only God knows. Enjoy it.


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