The Story of


Most of them start out

With the familiar phrase of

“Once Upon A Time”

Or so we’ve read and heard

A moment of the past

Or an introduction

To an important event

Tales of humans

or fantasy folk

Whom we know

And few we grow to love

This happens everyday

Not just in fairy tales

Or in monomyth’s

But available in newspapers

Social Media

Our Pictures

Our precious memories

Of our everyday lives

Perhaps we just need a little bit of pixie dust

And a little bit of faith

For our eyes to see

The wonder of these moments

That seem to only happen

Once upon a time

For time is not controlled

By us

or anyone

Yet serves as a reminder

To embrace

Every moment

For we know not

Whose tale is being told

Our’s or another’s

Yet together with many

It is a story of us


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