The Ticks and The Tocks


Artist Unknown

Every now and then

I stop myself and ponder

Of my priorities and doings

And I wonder


Am I where I want to be?

Have I done all that I should?

Or am I, a wannabe?

Just doing what I could?


I will never grasp the Golden ring

By sitting and wishing

For a thing

Or so I contemplate


But let me not be

One who almost made it

Yet one, who overcame

And yes, rose above the doubts


For no matter how hard

You run, or walk

You will have to face

The Ticks and the Tocks





5 thoughts on “The Ticks and The Tocks

  1. Wow! Super post! I love the Ticks and Tocks of a clock and the measuring of “Our Time” passing by! Bellisimo!!

    Perhaps you may enjoy a couple of my pieces on the subject – HAIKU: NO TIME TO WASTE; HAIKU: I HEAR THE TICKING; PLUS 18 – TIC TOC A LITTLE FASTER, CLOCK; TICS AND TOCS (MOSAIC PIECES)!!

    Loved the message of your piece! Reminded me of the quote I love – “What have you done today, to make your dreams come true”! That one always holds my feet to the fire!

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