Daydreaming is Mandatory



In a space, a moment, or a circumstance

Try though me might

To keep our focus intent

On the task at hand, we fail


Whether boredom, or the dullness of life

Our minds stray upon the musings

Of our hearts, and our minds

Even for a brief respite


We ask the question, “What if’?

Attempts at logical debate are futile

Amidst the galaxy of possibilities

And storylines beyond our comprehension


For an enchanted moment

We dream in our waking hours

And allow ourselves to hope

A promise to not settle


For either where we were

Or where we are now

That spark has encouraged us forward

And requires us to fan the flames


For we are not just mere creatures

Of steel, and stone, NAY!

But of love, creativity, and light

Therefore, Daydreaming is Mandatory


Don’t you agree?




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