I Call Unto You


There we were, you and I, in the middle of the valley.

So young and carefree, happy and blind to the world around us.

Then one day, I heard a voice, and it knew me by name.

Faint it was, so I paid it no mind, and joined you once again.

But then, the voice grew louder.

I heard it with such clarity, that I stopped to listen.

The stirring within, made me hunger for more.

No fear did I have of this One who knew my name.

So, I took a step, then another.

Till I had made my way down the road.

I turned and saw you, right in our spot.

But I no longer desired to remain in that place.

The Voice encouraged me as I listened.

“Come up higher, further, Come to ME”.

The Voice, I realized, I had known all along.

Confused, I was, on how the valley seemed like home.

Before long, a mountain appeared.

No path around it, or through it, so I began to climb.

The wind billowed around me, like a lovers embrace.

So joyful, so loving, as I had made my choice.

But then I looked back, and there you were.

Still in the valley, but this time you seemed lost.

But the Voice was so strong

I longed for it more, than you.

As one foot was placed after the other.

Thoughts of you kept coming to my mind.

The Voice said, “All are called, and are called by name

But few either hear, or choose to make the journey”.

“How can that be?” I cried

“May I go back, back to the valley to get my friend?”

No sooner had I asked, I already knew.

One cannot go back, whence one has proceeded forward.

I prayed to the Voice, “please speak louder”.

Then I looked back, and you were just a speck.

In that moment, I began to grieve, but then I smiled

My other half, he was moving towards me.

So thankful I was that he had heard his name.

As I watched, I knew your eyes were looking for me.

I could not stop, I must press on

Precariously the ledge I was near, the Voice pushing me forward.

I called to you, and somehow you heard me

“I’m coming” you said, “do not fret”

“Distraction and Pride kept me blind for a while

Neither did I know you had left.”

“In a moment of despair, a Voice called my name

The light, the love, the warmth it gave

Then, I too began to come

To go higher, grow stronger, and to find you!”

In a brief moment of time

A gift, none could compare

Two hearts joyfully expecting

To be happy and carefree together again

But for now, their journeys were apart

The Voice said, ” Follow me, and you will find each other again soon”

A twinkle there was, a hint of laughter in His tone

In the midst of struggle a promise arose

“I called you both

And both shall walk hand in hand

Another valley will appear

And bring you ever closer to home.”


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