I’m ready, for someone to call me their own
That I’m their whole world, and that I’ll never be alone
Someone who will dance with me and hold me in their arms
Lay beside me in the night, and meet each new dawn

One in who will thank God for his lucky stars
Why this woman has him in her heart
Who thinks he hung the moon
His treasure set apart

So tell me God, have I done something wrong
To be kept waiting for oh so long
Am I that bad….to be so sad
Where’s the one you created me for?

I have so much love to give
It’s hard to keep it all in
Imapatient tho I seem
Please help me to not give up so easily

Wipe my tears
Give me hope, and a dream
calm my fears and build my faith
For the one I’m still waiting……………..10013332_993929533969526_3330102423737108664_n

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