Heart of Fire

10991591_1575986875973016_1324454744535069927_oHow was I to know?

That I would fall for you.


I feel as if my life is not my own.

Emotions, Desires, Wants

They come and go.


It’s a battle

Nuisance or Need

To have, to touch, to feel, to trust, to let go


Walls which have been built

Round this heart of mine

Are being destroyed by love, truth, and Time


Walls that have asked to be shattered

By tender love and passion deep


Desires of the flesh are kept at bay

Am I still there master, or are You?


Words you have given are unclear

Promises of Love, Hope, and Peace?


Your fire destroys the ice

And restores unto itself

A new heart of Fire


Anticipating the fulfillment of long awaited dreams

It wants, it needs, it hopes



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