Where did the sunshine go?

b93f3ff6cbedae0e5b3391b271b7037f.jpgI don’t want to smile, but then again I don’t want to cry either.

Every day feels like a struggle, and the path unclear

I search for truth, and find it allusive

So many lies surround me, and hang in the air

Like arrows waiting to pounce.

They lie in wait, searching for my weakness

Then strike with hurtful aim


I took a chance, a leap of faith

I opened my heart and felt again

Safe and happy I was, more than I imagined

Now I’ve been left to a waiting game

No answers, no words, no actions to decipher

To help me understand my abandonment

Crying out in the wilderness for a kind word of Truth


I remember the warmth and light

Now I’m shadowed by a mist  of unknown

Keep hoping, keep praying, keep standing

Knowing at any moment I may crumble and fall

Because of the ache inside that has made its home

Comfort runs from me and I am bare

But no one sees me behind my veil


I have a smile on my face

But I’m crying on the inside

trying my best to do whats right

Weary of being hidden and alone

Not even sure if I’m living or existing

Do I have a purpose, is there any one who needs me?

Why must I always be strong?


Love why are you so far away?

What did I do wrong?

Pray tell me what’s the secret that many know so well?

I was content before you stroked my heart

Happy I was knowing my place

Before you came and changed everything

The day I felt the sun shine like rain.

3 thoughts on “Where did the sunshine go?

  1. Hello, LadyPhoenix. Would you check out my blog under the “Connect” tab to see if you’d be interested in writing a page or poetry or two for Girl poems? I appreciate the dark poignancy of your writing-this poem especially. It’s sad yet seductive (sadness is quite seductive). If you’re interested you can email me at GirlPoems@yahoo.com Let me know, thanks!


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