My Favorite Lullaby


Oh, the sweet sound of a good rain

You come in, with full warning

But you never leave me the same

Thank you for that


Pit-pat, pit-pat, is the sound I hear

While my soul hears your current melody

You know, I think you have more hit songs, than the Beatles

But who’s counting


I only get frustrated with you

When I yawn more times than I need to

My pillow starts calling my name

And my blanket wants to wrap me up in its embrace


Pit-pat, Pit-pat, as you descend upon my roof

My worries and cares get washed away with each drop

Brahms, has reason to worry about you

As you never play the same song twice


We, your fans, are most grateful for that

Now, seduce us into that beauty sleep

As gentle as can be, you are

When your being gentle


Pit-pat, Pit-pat, yes, you are my favorite tune

A #1 hit amongst the ages

Free, to all who have ears to hear

All, I need do now, is lay my head down, and sleep






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