Time, is of the essence



Have you ever had one of those weeks, where you could just stop time to recollect yourself? Your busy doing the job that pays the bills, busy being responsible, taking care of that person, or doing the good, you know, needs to be done? Yes, we’ve all been there. But how did the technological advances, that was supposed to free up our time, create more work? Simple really, we filled up our lives, with duties that really don’t matter, and ignored the things that do.

Now, don’t write me an ugly letter, I speak to myself here as much as to anyone else. I often wonder, where did I get off track? Oh yes, those things we call obligations. Of course, family is important, so are bills, and food, and electricity. But what about cable, internet, and a cell phone? Personally, my own cell phone is nothing more than a glorified mini-computer.

I long for the simple moments, when friends came over to play cards. Or when my family got together to play Yahtzee or Uno. Now those were the days, we talked to one another, laughed with one another, and as usual, had to say I’m sorry (while laughing). Technology may help us to communicate with each other, but I sincerely believe, we have stopped talking to one another. Science has proven, there is nothing more healing, than the human touch, or the human heart. Yet that is the very part we hold back.

Yes, it’s been a busy week for me. And I am tired and weary, but so grateful to have a job. I think a little adventure will do me some good. Maybe even a nap (do people still take them?), or just get lost in a good book. Be encouraged to go off the grid every once in a while. And if you have a family, take them with you. It does the body, and soul very good. Besides, those are memories, that money can’t really buy.

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

Dolly Parton

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