Little Steps of Faith

b4c5d-danceintherain2There Michelle sat, looking out her window, watching the world go by. Looking at each stranger, their clothes, their walk, and wondering what was there story.  It was in fact her favorite thing to do. To imagine someone else’s life, which had to be way more exciting than her own. At least now it was, since her dad’s cancer diagnosis. Nothing was really normal anymore, and she kinda felt she was always in the way. With a full house of two older sisters, and two older brothers, there wasn’t much she could really do. So her bedroom window, became her hiding place.

She would wait for the strangers to come, and dream up a life for them. Michelle was pretty sure she was way off, but who cares. In her mind, she was giving them a life they probably only dreamed of. For instance, here came a tall young business man, in a three piece suit,  who was really the vice-president of a very prestigious bank. She imagined he had a town house in the city, a five bedroom mansion in the Hamptons,  His own jet, and he drove a silver colored Aston Martin V12 sports car. Single of course, because he had his choice of any super model or actress he wanted. He would be one of those people her daddy said, that came from old money.

Then there was the pretty brunette in heels, and a blue sheath dress, walking her Pomeranian to the local deli for the choicest meats.A small errand of course, for Fifi the dog deserved the very best. Then the brunette was off to a party in the city, and surely would not be back home until morning. Dancing the night away in the hottest new club downtown, and being photographed by the paparazzi, and her choice of any handsome young man.  Michelle sighed, yes, that would be the life, no worries, no schedules, just fun, all the time.

Last, was an elderly gentleman, who she noticed was carrying a bouquet of flowers and some takeout from the local Italian eatery. His story, she pondered. oh it was going to be the best one yet. It would be his and his wife’s 52nd wedding anniversary, and he was rushing home to his beautiful wife, while a small box from Tiffany’s was carefully hid in his brown coat pocket. He was so filled with excitement, that his smile radiated in the cool, rainy, night. Michelle had to blink, because the man really was smiling and looked very happy.

Strange she thought, neither the young business man, nor the brunette smiled when they walked by her window. Not like the old man. Interestingly enough, the old man didn’t walk by, he came up to her front door and rang the doorbell. Michelle completely forgot about her game for the moment, and made her way downstairs. It had been a while since they had visitors, and she was curious about this one.

Once, she reached the bottom of the stairs, she noticed her dad was up and greeting their guest. Mr. Brown was his name, a Professor, who had worked with her dad at the University.  The bouquet of flowers was given to her Mom, and the food to her sisters, while her Dad and Mr. Brown made their way into the living room.  So, Mr. Brown brought them dinner tonight, how nice of him. She was about to go back up to her room, when her brother, Jeremy, told her that Dad asked her to join them in the living room. Why she thought, I’ll just find a way to mess it up. Taking a deep sigh, and putting one foot in front of the other, she made her way to the living room.



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