Is it Winter, or is it Spring?

Spring has been in full swing for two weeks now, here in the Mid-South. Trees are blooming, outside activities are now available, and everyone has a little extra kick to their step. However, we Memphians usually don’t feel comfortable until late April, that Winter is truly gone. Odd, I know, but winter has it’s own way of sneaking in on us, when we least expect it. Wednesday afternoon, the high temperature was around 70, plenty of sunshine to go around, and just beautiful. Now, on Saturday, I’ve had to pull out my yoga pants, hoodie jacket, and turn on the heat, with our expected high to be around 45. Hilariously funny, since I thought it may be safe to change the clothes in my closet, to better suit the season. Ha!!!

Oh well, we often say “you don’t like the weather, give it 15 minutes, it will change”. But please, for my northern Americans, who some are actually getting snow, a thousand pardon’s. I’m complaining over a little chilly weather, and y’all are actually getting snow. I know, life’s not fair. Seriously though, I am more concerned with the temps getting too high, too fast. Summer here, is not one of my favorite seasons, humid, hot, and sticky. Yuck! And so, I am ever thankful for the brilliant and intelligent Willis Carrier, who invented the air conditioner. Let everyone in the south, now give this person a standing ovation.

Any who! back to Winter’s little visit. Well, it was nice wearing shorts, and flip-flops, and let my toes feel the sun. And now, I must reconcile myself, this is our weather here, and be grateful, at least we do get to experience all 4 seasons, even in the same week. It’s okay, really it is, we have lots of exciting events coming up. It is referred to as Memphis in May (expect rain to show up at any time, and wear galoshes). The Beale Street Music Festival approaches,  and they have a really good lineup this year, and then we have the The World Famous, Memphis in May. Bar-B- Que cooking contest. We know how to cook some bar-b-que, yes we do.

I sincerely, hope everyone gets to enjoy whatever it is you call Spring. After all, it does bring with it, a new hope, a bit of excitement, and a little bit of magic. Now, to take advantage of this Spring interference, and tackle my closet. Hmm, what should I keep available?


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