Time, In a Fast Paced World


Artist Unknown

She rushes in the morning

A cup of coffee at the ready

To be at a job

That allows her to pay the bills

Once there

She jumps through hoops

puts out fires

and does her best to make it look graceful

Second cup of coffee

to maintain her superhero powers

Tackling off another task

And to confirm how efficient she is

Five o’Clock arrives

and the familiar question

arises again

do I stay longer or go home

Check, another task done

rushing again, to navigate the drive

safely she hopes

To greet smiling faces at home

Briefly, in a quiet moment

she reflects

daring to stand still

where has her time gone?

She lets her mind wander

Off to a garden filled with life

Joy and laughter………….and prays

Oh let my time, be more of this

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