The Fight of a Gracious Sword

A melody so sweet, and so sublime

Called out to her from the moment she was born

A rebel, even at an early age

Dancing, to a drumbeat, only she could hear


No bureaucracy could contain her

The daredevil she was

Shrank back from every mold

They wanted her to fit


I’m a lover, and a child

A warrior, and a queen

I am not weak, but strong

Because I love. because I care


I know my God

Keep your religion inside your stuffy soul

You have no weapon

Capable of putting out my fire


The saints may talk

And the bagpipes may wail

But I will keep dancing

And tell my tale


For upon the wind

my destiny has called

and though late, I answered

and it beckons me still


To press forward

and fight the good fight

for in a world full of humans

it lacks a human touch


Apathy grows like a dark virus

And truth has been twisted

So I will march on

Until, there is no more love, in me






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