A Dance for Two

dancing in the meadow

Photographer Unknown

The way you looked at me in that moment

So gentle, so fierce, and so goofy

I couldn’t help but laugh

Safe I was, under your watchful gaze
The sun, the flowers,  and the meadow

Made the day even better

A small escape, an adventure

Where the treasure was us, and not gold


For being here with you

Your fingers playing with my hair

As if you were Picasso

Painting the outlines of my face


Drinking me in , like a thirsty man

And your warm embrace awoke me from my slumber

I didn’t know I was asleep, until I met you

You engaged my thoughts with your knowing smirk


Standing up, and reaching down

You asked, with a smile

Dance with me, and grabbed my hand

As if, I would say no


In your arms, is where I am me

And where, I know, you are you

no masks, no worries

Just a dance for two



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