Crazy Weather and Haircuts

It’s Tuesday, April 26th, and for the most part, Spring in the Mid-South is turning out to be a nice, not too warm, and quite enjoyable time. However, with rain moving in, the Music Fest this weekend is looking like it’s gonna be another Mud Fest (Memphians will understand). And so, we welcome May. Strangely, I understand that London, England and many parts of the U.K. had snow. Of course, I am jealous.

I’m sure for them, they would wish for our warm Spring, and I, just long to visit there, and see if my crush for England and Scotland, could become a true love affair. I would gladly take snow, as long as I had someone to snuggle with, and enjoy a good cup of coffee, or hot chocolate. (sigh) I wonder if they would like my southern accent, and sassy ways, or am I just fooling myself.

Simply put, I love the South, I was born here, and it will always be with me. But oh how I long to walk the streets of London, and meet the people, visit museums, sit down at a noisy pub, take in a play, and experience a way of life so different from what I’ve known. But I am not too far gone, not to realize that I would need a lifeline to a relative, close friend, etc. To keep me well stocked in the Southern food staples. After all, I’m not living without Mexican food, Jambalaya, or fried okra. Thank God, for Fed Ex. Am I right???

Yes, I think. . . . .the U.K. may just be the destination, that has my heart and soul a flutter, longing for more than my own back yard. Granted, I have acknowledged, and realized, we have so much to be thankful for in the South, and in America as well. But how do you turn off the switch in your mind, when you look around, and realize, where you were born, is no longer where you want to lay your hat?

Oh well, another day, and another musing and responsibility waits for no one.  And I’m too honorable to daydream for too long. On another note, I took a daring leap of faith  and lots of trust in my hairdresser, and cut seven inches of my hair off. Yes, it feels strange to have it this short, but if the compliments I’m receiving are any indication, I made a good choice. After all, it’s just hair!

I close with this, keep dreaming, keep shining, and be open to what your heart tells you. There is always a reason, for those things that stir us up. Remember, the world has become a dark place. Will you be the light that shines? I hope so, I may need your gifts and talents to inspire me some day. Thank you, for being you.


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