Hungering Dreams


Rodin’s The Kiss (1889)

For so long, she must have been asleep

The type where everyday actions

Had become mundane

Or simply, she was blind to the world she lived in


That was, until she met him

Strong, gentle, warm, and intriguing

His very presence made her feel safe

But was she?


Did he know, that butterflies magically appeared

Within her deep recesses, yet so close to the surface

When ever he laid his eyes on her

The sound of his voice, sent shivers up her spine


How strange, to be suddenly aware of everything

The colors of nature, the sounds of life

The quickening of her heart

And the stark contrast of how alone she was


Not often had she worried about her future

It was like a veil had been removed from her eyes

Suddenly, she would feel cold

And acknowledge, that she missed him when he was not near


He asks her questions, as if

Through his eyes he saw a beautiful maiden

Quick of mind, who does not bore him

But he delights in her answers, his smile tells her so


She cares not, for titles or influence

But this, this is worth living for

No malice does he carry in his demeanor

But a gaze that tells her everything and nothing


Strong woman though she is

A deep longing has made itself known

To feel his arms around her

His heartbeat underneath her cheek


Oh what spell is this

When her hand is in his

And he professes, that with her is where he wants to be

Hope, do not be cruel


For now, I will give no surrender to any man

Nay, I am a gift, not a prize

Do not tarry, I pray thee my love

Death is preferable, than to this extended longing


I want more, I want to give

Of myself, all of who I am

For your eyes have seen my broken pieces

And yet, you still call me beautiful


Do you not see, that I am a blazed with desire for you

It is your heart, your love

That has given me unspeakable joy

Your ring, declares I am your gift


Drink of me, I give freely

Never part from me

For now I see clearly

In your arms, is where I was meant to be







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