What are you looking for?


Funny how one question

Can start a spark

Of interest, and a song

An answer in prose


I want a man, who will stand by my side

To hold my hand, and hold me when I cry

One who is not afraid, of when my strength shines

But encourages me, to be all that God created me to be

You see I made a promise to myself

That I would stop playing games with my heart

I know not giving you a chance might be cruel

But I am being cruel, to be kind

I am not going to waste your time


What are you looking for?

Are you going to play games with my heart

Or are playing for keeps

If you don’t know the answer

Then why don’t you just leave

There’s the door to your right

May heaven help you see the light


I’m not gonna play games with my heart

It’s been there before

It’s not going back

I finally know my worth

And I’m on the right track

I’m not the princess, but the Queen

Waiting for her King

What are you looking for?





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