Four Tires or a New Car


I often enjoy how life throws you a good curve ball, however, it just as equally throws you one that is not. Today, I had the divine providence, I guess you could say,that my vehicle wants new tires. How do I know? Because two of them are now slowly leaking air, and showing extreme signs of wear and tear.

Surely, I can’t complain. Right? After all, it was a purchase I was going to need to make soon anyway, I just thought I would have a few more months. And on the bright side, I’ll have very good traction for any wintry weather that decides to grace the South this upcoming year. Not to mention, this should help my gas mileage too? Correct?  Sorry, auto mechanics is not my forte’.  If you need someone to balance your checkbook, create a budget for you, cook, write, or even help you figure out Game of Thrones, then I am your Huckleberry!

But I did mention new car in my title, so yes, I checked out the local offerings from my dealership, looked to see if there were any specials, and really good deals. Come on, new tires vs. new car? Newer model, fewer miles, new options. On the flip side, a new car note, possibly higher insurance rate, longer to owe.. . . .

Thank goodness, logic won in the end. At least this time around.

So, tires may not be my most favorite thing to buy, but my vehicle will be happy, and I will feel a lot safer, just knowing I am going to have that extra traction when I need it. It could be a whole lot worse, and I don’t want to think of what could have been. C’est la vie!

I truly believe, that things like this happen, to keep from something worse happening.The signs are always there, but we don’t often pay attention. Sad, that we often do that to people we care about. Do me a favor? Go tell someone how much you appreciate them, and why. Then wait for their eyes to light up, only after they ask you “What do you want”? If you have a mom like mine, or live in the South, you know what I’m talking about.

Later Diamonds!


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