Chaotic dance, of when the Past leaves


Before one can embrace a new season

One must let go of the old one

In the process

All matter of things get jumbled about


What to keep, what to say goodbye to

Questions with easy answers

Some which do not

Yet, they all require a response


No life, nor journey is without

It’s own muddled situations

And too often

We hold on to the mess because of fear


Fear of change, of the unknown

The opinion of man, oh dear!

Who only has value, if we give it

Or fear of losing, of what we don’t have


Do NOT despair the dance of transition

Scary though it may be

For it holds, and releases

Us to become who we are, not what others see


One can not tread water

And both hold a weighty ton

While the muck of our lives

Leaves. . . . . .


So, say your adieu’s

To that which does not serve you

And make wide the space

To receive the offering, which is new






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