“All work, and no play……makes one very tired” (truth is in the title)



Today I am finally catching up and reading my favorite blogs, poets, and creative thinkers. And thankful, that my brain is still firing on a creative level to write a poem. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my short stories. As I have committed myself, and even if it takes me to the end of the year, to see the first tale completed. Tales of Courage and Hope

However, I do apologize for not being more active. To be honest, my employer has been blessed with growing pains,  and so has the work load. For anyone who has ever been salaried, you can attest to my situation. So, when my weekend arrives, giving myself the much needed down time, has been necessary.

On another note, I have found that this step of faith in writing, has kept me both focused and accountable to becoming who I want to be, becoming who I am meant to be, and what I want to say. Truly, if you had met me even 5 years ago, and asked me what I wanted to do with my life, my answers, of course would have been different.

Yes, we grow and change our entire lives, but I would have never dreamed of living outside the U.S. Now, I would love that opportunity, and so I must begin by going through “my stuff”, to get ready for a yard sale. Asking myself, what do I keep, what do I sale, and what do I give away, what is vital and cost effective to take with me.

The biggest debate has been on my vinyl record collection. The majority of the responses of friends, has been to keep (I wouldn’t want to make the same mistake as all those Star Wars fans who threw away their Millennium Falcon’s when they were kids). But then again, do you know how heavy they are?

So, if you have any suggestions or advice, I’m all ears! Till later, keep shining diamonds!



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