A visit of the Season’s (In the South)



“It’s that time again”, said Summer

As she began to pack for her yearly hiatus

“The world has grown tired of me”

And has requested my sister to arrive earlier than usual

I do declare! I never will understand how fickle people can be!


Now, now said Autumn, with her eyes all aglow

Full of mischief, and excitement

“I am no more earlier my dear, than I was the year before”

So enjoy your rest, and before you know it

Those fickle people will be begging you to come back as always


Summer, nodded her head knowingly and laughed

and said, “Well do us all a favor, and try to keep your fashion show modest”

With your wardrobe, it truly makes it hard for us to compete.

Nonsense! said Autumn, I just use the colors I’m given

I’m just fortunate that they are all soo pretty


Humpf! said Summer on her way out, trying to hide her smile

Would you at least save me some Pumpkin spice?

I don’t get that very often, she proclaimed

Not a all said Autumn, just bring me some watermelon next time

That should make us even, don’t ya think?


Maybe, just enjoy your time and be ready!

For as you know, bless her chilly little heart!

Winter never knows, when she is going to show up!

But , that too is subject to change!

And with that, the season’s embraced, till they meet again next year.




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