Why do the tears Fall


Photographer Unknown

How sweet life is

When we think we have it all together

All the ducks in a row

And the path to the future so clear



Out of no where, comes a tear

Sliding out from your eye

The outward expression of pain


A root cause

You’ve come to know so well

The child within, cries to be heard

While the adult says to “let go and forgive”


Ah! you old wound from our past

How dare you make us feel this again?

What are we to do with you now?

When there is no one we choose to blame?


There is more to life than this hurt

And happy are we, moving forward

Can’t you stay on the shelf and be quiet?

For if we speak, we will be the one to cause the pain.


Is there no escape from you?

Again. . . . We point no fingers to anyone

But. . . .we too, are tired of the lie

That we can make everyone happy


Yet, you are still here

To remind us of the parent’s rejection

And the high standard states

That we should honor them


Please enlighten us

On how we do that?

When everything else inside us

Wants to forget


Why must the child in us

Throw the tantrum

When the adult in us asks?

Why do the tears fall?









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