When the Sleeper Awakens


So often

As our journey we call life progresses

We are actually asleep

Neither the light of day

Or the dark of night

The symphony of sounds

Or a touch of a human hand

Can stir us to be


It takes an awakening

From a divine source

To shake loose

The slumber from our eyes

And the stiffness of our hearts

To be consummately aware

That we are indeed



Then everything changes

A new and righteous hunger

For kindness and love

Truth that is neither black nor white

But a wisdom as old as time itself

That is only refuted by fools who do not see

Fluid lines of light and color

A tapestry of us all

And not a lonely thread


Miraculous moments that are not so easily explained

Simple yet complex

Bursting forth from our souls

A longing that we can not fill

To breathe, to be, to give. to hold

Our gifts that have lain dormant

Until we the sleepers awaken


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