A Little Adventure


Artist Unknown

I am not sure, what inspired Bilbo Baggins

To go on his adventure with the Dwarfs


Is it a curiosity

A longing to break free

Of our comfortable lives

To discover something new

About the world, and ourselves


Each step, brings us closer to a new discovery

Of truth, that could not be seen

From whence we were


The shadows of the unknown

Require a determined step

To discover what they hide

Oftentimes, it is not pretty

Nor is it safe


But what is safety? Anyway?

And what are we hiding from?




Thank goodness!!

That a tale can take us

Where our feet may not go


Some call it courage

Some go to escape

But each time we go

We never come back the same


May I always look

For the untraveled path

That my eyes may see

And my heart know

All that is truly important

Whenever I go on , A Little Adventure

For my soul

Bears it’s best fruit

When I do

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