The Unanswered Prayer


Photographer Unknown

Oh, how I loved him

Or so I thought

He had my heart

Yet, he asked for it not


I tried to prove my worth

In action. word, and in deed

But it wasn’t enough

At least, not for me


I could not blame him

For decisions I made on my own

Yet, my heart was broke

More than just a groan


I prayed, I asked with all my heart

That God would answer me

However, no answer came

Only my tears, and my disappointment


But one day

As if with new eyes I saw

I knew, I was a gift

That he just couldn’t see


So, I said my goodbyes

And cried my tears

Not sure what to expect

Amongst all my doubts and fears


But God knew

And He had a plan

It’s hard to debate the divine

Even though we try


Funny how our logic, falls short

When One knows best

So, I will thank Him

For my own, Unanswered Prayer


Knowing I won’t have to strive

Or lasso the moon

To receive the love

From His best!




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