Progress Report


Well, first things first. I have passed a milestone, and have gratefully been on WordPress for over a year. That being said, I am going to give myself a small pat on the back. Mostly, because I have put one foot in front of the other in a forward direction, and had a little faith in myself, that I could create something worth reading, with words.

Yes, I know, I’m certainly not going to compare myself to the likes of J. K. Rowling, Anne McCaffrey, C.S. Lewis, or George R.R. Martin, but it is a step in the right direction. I often find myself battling work fatigue, self doubt, self- discipline,  life in general, and time management. Most of these of which, I am most proficient in, in my professional life, which currently pays the bills. But, you see, I have this “but” that keeps coming up when it comes to my writing.

I have often wanted to have a mentor. Some one to challenge me, encourage me, or just tell me what I am going through, is normal.

“Writers are not normal, and never will be. We are story tellers, with the gift of gab, flare, and perception. Into a world most people never see, yet they live in, everyday. Writers are braver than they think, but oftentimes don’t know it. The trials and tribulations you face, are part of the growing process. You, just have to commit, to NOT give up.”

At least that is what I imagine the wise sage would tell me.

Are we hopeless, we dreamers? So full of dreams, worlds, and stories, that someone wants to read. No, that someone needs to read. If even to be reminded, we are not alone in the journey we call life. Do you ever wonder? Well, if you have any truthful words of encouragement, I’m all ears.

And if any of you are in the same place I am, I will be happy to reciprocate. Quite the many few of you, inspire me with your amazing touch with the pen! You put words together like PB & J. And I, am in awe.


Blessings Diamonds

Keep Shining

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