The Proposal

Close up of antique love letter on parchment

Unbeknownst to her, and out of the blue

A lover from her past

Said hello, and made his presence known


It began with humor

For that was safe

And he liked to make her laugh


Her smile still charmed him

And her eyes held the light of stars

Yet her lips, her kiss, never left his thoughts


She looked at him and knew he must be single

For whence their relationship ended

He always sought her, when there was no one else


When the hurt and anger subsided

She had convinced herself

They could be, friends again


And nothing more


Good conversation is hard to come by

An intelligent spark

A righteous humor not common


And yet, here he is again

Another girl, another broken heart

Will he ever grow up?


But he was not the same

As he was when they first met

Now he saw her, a gift, and he hung his head


Dare I try? Oh what a fool I was

Her fire enticed me

The curves of her body, my respite


I did not see her

Not for who she truly was

And now I do


She’s the one!

I’m sure of it

Now, how do I convince her?


She thought it odd

that he asked her forgiveness

For it was given long ago


Surely he is acting strange

I have no time for games

What does he want?


He shared his tale

Of his lessons and woes

And revealed that he indeed had grown up


Respect rose up within her

For the man she saw now

Yet, something was amiss


Carefully he spoke

Each word an affirmation of her worth

Even admitting of his foolery


And then, he said it

“I love you” and have been for some time

Give me a chance, I promise to make you happy


Did her ears deceive her

A profession of love?

Oh he knows the right words to say!


Sincere and truth

Did he doth speak

She pondered all he said


A piece of her heart said “yes”

While her gut said “no”

Oh what to do, what to do


Give me time, I request

To think about

Your proposal


She eventually told him no

Told him twice

Yet he persisted


Though she longed not to hurt him

Nor disrespect his heart

But she could not feel, what she had, so long ago


Indeed, his proposal was

All that she ever wanted

What she longed to hear


Yet now she gazed upon him

And knew she could not love him

The way he deserved


So thrice she denied him

Though painful it was

To tell someone you love. . . .


I’m not in love with you anymore.





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