Transformation and Adventure


It’s been awhile, my fellow poets, hello to you dreamers! I’ve missed you my tribe, who love words. I’ve been busy, and preoccupied of late, with everything , but writing. Just has not been easy, and that is what we call life.

To say your opinions and likes do not matter, they do. So please keep them coming.

But our lives, well, the path ahead is not always clear, and I carried many burdens which were not mine, for too long. So, a much needed rest and fun were prescribed. And I do like to be a good patient, and follow most orders that are good for me. So off on an adventure I took.

I went no further, than Nashville, TN to the first ever Game of Thrones convention, The Con of Thrones!!! I had a blast to be honest, but all that walking (12 miles) in three days, was more than a workout than I wanted. I’ll be happy to share my pics, if you ask.

The cosplay was awesome, and meeting the actors and actresses was a delight. Truly it was. Each one was very nice, and all around, wonderful human beings. We the fans, well we were appreciative, tired, and at times, a bit rowdy.

I made some friends, made some memories, and thankfully, did not go broke. But I do have my eye on a sword or two. Now, it’s back to reality, even though the series is on, the other skills I posses that help pay the bills, have been in full demand.

Welcome to the salaried world!

However, I am truly grateful for my job, never a dull moment, and I have the best boss I’ve ever had. Temperatures and the humidity has been high,  as are many tempers (go figure). Kids are heading back to school, college football season is near, which means. . . my favorite season will be here too.

I can sense it now. Pumpkin spice latte’s, funnel cakes, hoodie sweatshirts, bonfires, and Mom’s homemade chili. Who needs the universe, when heaven is so close to your back door? hmmm?

Hope your summer has been full of fun times as well and I appreciate your patience.

Keep Shining Diamonds!




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