The New Face of Hate

theatre masks

Here I sit, pondering the words I just read

Another poor souls contempt

Over another man’s actions

All of it prompted by



What happened to the days of my youth

when you respected your elders

Or agreed to disagree, and yet still shake hands?

Guess, we had more common sense then

Now, there is only hate


And this hate

Is viciously cruel

It laughs in its mocking tone

No sin does it forget

No second chances allowed


Unless, it pertains to them


They claim to care about everything

Compassion overflowing

Goodness to the last drop

But speak the truth to them

And, you are their next target


How dare we stand up?

Or debate their reason?

Oh, we are just fools then.

Better to be dead and silent

Then alive and have a different perspective


How do you reach one of these?

When they don’t even see.

There is a difference between

Disagreeing and hate

Love (is the answer)


A word they state to know

Use it abundantly in their causes

Express it in their clothes

Their culture

But what about their hearts?


Has love become so degraded

That hate is preferred?

Or did some evil pervert it

And call it bad?

Good question.


I still believe

Kindness and respect

Are two wise companions

To have and give



I guess call me old fashioned

I prefer it way more better

Than your political correctness dictates

I will not be the harbinger of



But I will be a watcher

Over those who do

And steward the love I have

And help it grow.


For it is much needed.







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